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Friday the 13th

So usually I have great Friday the 13ths... I don't know what it is about the day... but usually they are wonderful. My day started out, bleh. Thoughout work it stay bleh. Nate my best buddy up at work is usually my cheer when I am up there. When he gets a spare 30 seconds he trots by, we both get a laugh and get back to work. That day, both of us were just bleh. There was nothing that either of us could do to cheer the other one up. Mike and friends were supposed to come to the house to game, but alas only Feral and Nate showed up. With one book between us all, since Nate left his at home, and the DM didn't even show up, Nate and I ended up on the porch. Doing what we potheads do best... matching and getting stoned. With this said for the background, lets move on the the main topic... I had brought out my baby, my beautiful, Shroomy the Blue Majik Mushroom. She is a little, short, fattie, blue, swirly pipe. Super thick glass with swirls of blue, white, dark blue, teal, and brown that looks like snakes across the pipe. She started out clear and turned these colors. Near the mouth peice and the bottom of the bowl it is slowly turning purple with streaks of dark blue and sky blue coming from it. The entire pipe is this beautiful sky blue color with a fade to the dark purple near the mouth and bowl. It has a large round deep bowl on it, a little carb on the side, with the second part between the mouth and bowl are just a little bith longer and just a little bit less wide so when you hold it in your hand it looks like a little blue majik mushroom. One of the snakes on the side of the pipe is very defined white and blue stripes, even has the bends of a snake, and the head of one. Her name is Ani Konda , because I'll smoke any kinda weed out of her. As you can tell I love my pipe. It took me a long time to find the PERFECT glass pipe for me, because I knew that I was going to have it a while. I didn't go and get a glass pipe for the longest time becuase: A) they are quite expensive and if I can't afford good weed then why do I need a nice pipe, B) unless you spend a good deal of money they are thin glass, and break easy, C) I was traveling on the road; Traveling is hard enough on metal and ceramic pipes let alone cheap glass or worse cheap plastic, and D) they were kinda a status symbol for me in the, I can always have good weed to smoke out of a good pipe, sort of way. So after I had been stable in one place for a long time, and on my feet long enough that I didn't need anyone to help me with bills that I was even helping my roomate, I splurged and got my pipe. I bought it from the B.C. on Westhiemer. They have FABULOUS merchandise. Glass flown in from around the world. The pipe that I bought was lifetime warrenty glass. When they took it out of the case of that day a year ago they strong armed it into the case... didn't hurt it at all. I laid my 60 bucks down and got my beauty. Tried her out with recently found Purple Haze. I felt like the dorky white guy in "How High" with RAINBOWS coming out of my head to the music. (<"http://"> look up PotRoast") Yet, I have digressed again. Nate and I were passing back and forth Shroomy and the time to reload was upon us, when horror struck! Nate went to tap Shroomy into his hand.... Shroomy splipped and skittered across the pavement. At first it looked like Shroomy was ok... then we turned the pipe over, and alas a small slice out of the bottom just left of the mouth piece. My supposed lifetime warrenty glass had just broke. I can still smoke out of the pipe, I just have to press the slit out of the glass up againsit my lip. It is odd cause it sit right over the scar on my lip. I have the peice that broke off and I could glass glue back together. I could also take it back to the B.C. and get another pipe at the cost of giving up Shroomy. Then again I could let Shroomy Rest in Peices and still smoke out of the pipe> I don't know what I am going to do yet with the situation. Maybe it is just a sign I should switch to keef, now that I have a good keef contection and a nice glass keef pipe?
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