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K kids. Last Concert Cafe is a cool venue. We usually go Weds. nights for the drum circle. 5$ to get unless you bring a drum and get in for free. A cool band plays for a while then during intermission, everyone with a drum gets in a circle and the rest of us girlies jump in the middle and dance our asses off. This is 18+ and you do need IDs though there are ways around the fee.
I was told thurs nights, girls get in free, so I might be going to that soon enough.

1403 Nance Street
Houston, Tx. 77002 is the addy and here is the site, though I never find those of much help.
There is also a lot of herb smoking. I do not smoke at all but I it doesn't bother me. There are sticks and hula hoops for fun. Let me know if ya wanna go and we can meet up.
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